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We completely believe that we hold the power to heal ourselves locked within us. When faced with any disease or medical condition, it is our Doctors who assess and diagnose us to determine how to unlock this healing ability. With advances and discoveries made in the field of medical sciences every day, there are various evolving methods to treat patients besides medicines and surgeries. Reasserting our belief in the fore mentioned quote, we do understand that each condition has its physical, psychological and social impact on the individual.

 Therefore we are pledged not only to treat patients but also educate them about their condition and prepare them to protect themselves from facing the same scenario again.

 Thorough evaluation, holistic approach, authenticity and compassion are our strength.

 V care is a sincere effort to practice various specialties which can help people for their physical & psychological well being and improve quality of life..


What is a foot orthotics?
Foot orthoses (also known as "orthotics") are custom foot supports. They are designed to fit your feet more efficiently than over-the- counter (OTC) arch supports and balance the biomechanical inadequacies of your feet and legs.

Who Needs Custom Orthotics?
Foot orthotics can help relieve the pain and fatigue associated with improper biomechanics throughout the body. In order to walk, stand or play, pain-free, the body requires a stable foundation provided by your feet. When there are problems with the foundation, often the symptoms are found both in your feet and throughout the rest of the muscular skeletal structure. Examples of these symptoms include:

  • Localized foot pain

  • Bunions, hammer toes

  • Arch/heel pain

  • Leg/knee pain

  • Hip or back pain – may related to neck pain

Will it hurt when I wear orthotics?
Your orthotics will require a break-in period which will last from one to two weeks. When you first start wearing your orthotics, be aware that there may be some discomfort in your feet, low back or anywhere in-between. This especially includes your knees. We advise to wear it initially for 15 minutes take a break for two hours & again wear it. Every day you can increase duration gradually. Once you adjusted properly you can use it throughout the day. Give time to your body to get adjust with the orthotics

How often do you need to change orthotics?
One to One and half year is insoles life depend on your lifestyle. You have to do Orthotic check twice in a year.

How to clean orthotics?
Once in a week you can wipe it with damp cloth & dry under the fan. If it gets wet in the rain then as soon as you reach home wipe it with dry cloth & dry under fan overnight.